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Leadership. Integrity. Experience.

During election campaigns you often hear candidates make idle promises that they will "cut taxes" and "reduce spending." These claims that are made by people who have no knowledge or understanding of municipal finances. They are seldom realistic and usually not achievable.

During Pat’s terms in office she has never made unachievable promises. She has always promised to provide necessary services to residents of Mississauga while controlling expenditures and costs at the City and Region.

Budgeting is about maintaining the service levels that keep our city healthy while keeping any required increases as low as possible.

Pat has always brought a business-like approach to budgets. More importantly, she understands municipal finance.

Financial Stability

Mississauga is in a good financial situation. This is due to the past decisions made by Councillors like Pat Saito.

Reserves that were set up years ago have ensured that Mississauga has not had to borrow for capital projects for many years. Council knew that the day would come when debt financing would be required. It is imperative that the people managing that debt and making the decisions are knowledgeable about City finances and can make the right decisions. Pat has proven she can do that.  Pat ensures that your hard earned tax dollars work for you as effectively as possible. Ward 9 needs a representative who has a record of making sound business decisions. Pat has demonstrated this over her years on Council and she will continue to do the best job for the residents of Ward 9 and Mississauga.

Through Pat’s involvement the City will see increased revenues from other sources than tax dollars for the first time in years.  This was achieved through implementation of the hotel destination tax that will bring in about $10 million annually.  These monies will totally fund all tourism programs as well as supporting the local festivals and cultural activities and remove these costs from the tax budget.

Pat also stated in 2014 that she would like to see the dividend from Enersource (Hydro Mississauga) increase.  As a board member of Enersource, Pat worked with staff and the board to realize a merger with other utilities that has increased the value of the City’s ownership of our utility and that will see a large increase in dividends in future years.

Pat continues to scrutinize city and region budget requests and has voted against expenditures that she does not feel are in the best interests of the citizens and that add an unnecessary burden on taxpayers.  


Election Night Party

Please join us on Election Night to watch the results come in. The party is at Shoeless Joe's Meadowvale Town Centre and starts at 8:00 pm.

Key Dates

Election Day in the City of Mississauga will be held on:
Monday, October 22, 2018

Advance Polls will be held on:
October 5, 6, 13 and 14, 2018

When and Where to Vote

What Ward 9 is Saying

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Pat Addresses What Matters to Ward 9

Your Ward 9 Councillor Since 1991

Pat Saito was first elected to Council in the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel in 1991. Prior to her election, Pat worked for 5 years as a Public Affairs Officer for the City.

Pat believes that in order to be an effective member of Council, you have to know your community and be involved in all aspects of its life. This, along with a wide range of involvement on various committees and boards gives Pat the perspective needed to make the right decisions at Council.

Pat has a long history of community involvement in Ward 9 and in the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel. It is this experience that enables Pat to represent Ward 9 to the fullest.